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Whether you seek a casual second reader on an independent project, need in-depth editing on work you intend to publish, or require a partner in crime to help you achieve overarching project goals, I want to work with you. 

My experience ranges from research to website copy editing, from fiction line-editing to editorial management, so I am flexible to your specific needs and excited for new opportunities! For more information about my education and previous experience, please peep my CV.


What are your rates for editing? 

Please contact me directly for my hourly rates. For individuals with extensive financial and systemic barriers, I may be able to provide services at a reduced rate when my schedule allows, so please don't hesitate to ask.

Why hourly rates?

I prefer to charge hourly, as each project may have distinct need, not reflected by word count, that require different amounts of time to address properly. Ultimately, this preference is to your benefit; I've been able to line-edit approx. 50k words of fiction in 6-8 hours total.

What is included in "line-editing" and what are other ways you can help me?

Line-editing refers to an in-depth look at your work--whether it be fiction, nonfiction prose, or even a script--that takes into account such things as syntax, grammar, diction, pacing, organization, etc. (The list really does go on).


In line-editing, I will typically perform at least two reads of your work. The first read is for familiarization with the text, so I do not make assumptions about the work that may influence my edits, and the second read is where all the red strike-throughs and highlighting comes in. I will also include comments for points of discussion and specific feedback, which we can discuss at your leisure. This service is best for ongoing projects, as I can work with you consistently to address more complex issues. 

If line-editing is more involved than what you need, I also offer "beta reading" or quick review. Quick review also includes at least two reads of your work, but feedback will be limited to basic grammar and syntax adjustments and overarching comments. This is a great alternative for if you simply need a second pair of eyes before posting or submitting a work somewhere or if you have website / promotional copy that you need reviewed before sharing with the public.

What kind of work do you want to edit? 

Honestly? A bit of everything! I have experience in editing academic essays, magazine editorials, website copy, and various genres of fiction prose. I would love more opportunities to work with creators of novellas and comics, but I'm absolutely open to hear what you have in mind. 





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