Sons of Red Earth

What is the holiness of empire?

It is to know collapse.

 - Anne Carson, “The Fall of Rome: A Traveller's Guide"

In the central hall, where once parties and congregations of councilmen would be held, patched bullet holes pattern the walls, perceptible only in the flicker of organoil light. One finds them as a slight sheen of spots too fresh, too perfect, to be anything but scar tissue...Even my father’s name on the deed to the manor, penned in fine, vaulted Xoterion characters by Shel’che’s own hand, has begun to fade in its frame.


Everything dissolves; everything bleeds away.


Set in a future post-environmental collapse on the planet Earth and approximately 30 years after the resolution of an intergalactic war, Sons of Red Earth is told through the eyes of Ira, a determined young diplomat and firstborn of Ilyas, an alien emperor. As their civilization shifts from centuries of conquest to treaties and representative government, and Ilyas' health steadily declines, Ira is subjected to the seepage of their mutually traumatic pasts into his present, and neither he nor his father are able to maintain the psychological barriers they'd constructed since his childhood. 

Inspired by epic and memoir, Sons of Red Earth is both an original sci-fi drama and an exploration of the ways grief and violence can shape relationships - familial and romantic - at their most extreme. 

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